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Here are some courses that we are running or intend to run in the future.

For more information on any of the courses below please email:


The Alpha Course


Curious about life & faith?


Alpha is a series of group conversations that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith, in an open, friendly environment.

At each Alpha session, you'll be hosted in a small group, and watch an episode on a different question of faith.



After which you have a chance to share your thoughts, and hear what others think.

You can say anything you like, or nothing at all.

Everyone's welcome, you're invited, no matter your background or beliefs.

It's completely free and there's no pressure.

To Find out more about Alpha visit the website


Freedom In Christ

Freedom In Christ Course


Freedom in Christ Course:

The Freedom In Christ Course is a 10 session discipleship course.


The Sessions

0: Introduction: Why Believe The Bible?

1: Who Am I?

2: Choosing To Believe The Truth

3: The World’s View Of Truth

4: Our Daily Choice

5: The Battle For Our Minds

6: Handling Emotions Well

7: Forgiving From The Heart

8: Renewing The Mind

9: Relating To Others

10: What Next?

Visit the website

The Bible Course

The Bible Course


An eight-session course helping you explore the BIG story.

Big, complex, old … just some of the words people use to describe the Bible. Sound familiar? That’s where The Bible Course comes in.


The course will increase your confidence, equip you to read the Bible better and help you to see its relevance to daily life. The course provides a birds-eye view of the world’s bestselling book.

Over eight interactive sessions, it combines video teaching, group discussion, personal reflection and daily readings. It’s ideal for one-to-ones, small study groups or larger gatherings.

Key features

The Bible Course helps you see how the books of the Bible are part of one big story

Using a unique storyline, The Bible Course will show you how key events, books and characters fit together

Video teaching, written guides, diagrams and readings will help you grow in confidence as you read the Bible for yourself

Acts as a great follow-on resource for those who have done introductory courses like Alpha and Christianity Explored

For more information see website


The Prayer Course

The Prayer Course


The Prayer Course is an eight-week journey through the Lord's Prayer, with 24-7 Prayer founder Pete Greig and co-host Poppy Williams.


The Sessions

The Prayer Course is split into eight sessions:


1: Why Pray?

2: Adoration

3: Petition

4: Intercession

5: Unanswered Prayer

6: Contemplation

7: Listening

8: Spiritual Warfare

Please see the Prayer Course website for more details

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